List of Publications

6.4 Described:

Chapter 2 Seijdel, N., Jahfari, S., Groen, I.I.A. & Scholte, H.S. Low-level image statistics in natural scenes influence perceptual decision-making. (2020). Scientific Reports 10, 10573.

Chapter 3 Seijdel, N.*, Loke, J.*, van de Klundert, R., van der Meer, M., Quispel, E., van Gaal, S., de Haan, E.H.F., & Scholte, H.S. Recurrent processing during object recognition: it depends on the need for scene segmentation. preprint on BioRxiv. [shared first author; under review]

Chapter 4 Seijdel, N., Tsakmakidis, N., de Haan, E.H.F., Bohte, S.M., & Scholte, H.S. (2020). Implicit scene segmentation in deeper convolutional neural networks. PLoS Computational Biology 16(7),e1008022. https://doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1008022.

Chapter 5 Seijdel, N., Scholte, H.S., & de Haan, E.H.F. Visual features drive the category-specific impairments on categorization tasks in a patient with object agnosia. [under review]

6.5 Other research

Groen, I.I.A., Jahfari, S., Seijdel, N., Ghebreab, S., Lamme, V.A.F., & Scholte, H.S. (2018). Scene complexity modulates degree of feedback activity during object detection in natural scenes. PLoS computational biology, 14(12), e1006690.

Smits, A.R., Seijdel, N., Scholte, H.S., Heywood, C.A., Kentridge, R.W., & de Haan, E.H.F. (2018). Action blindsight and anti-pointing in a hemianopic patient. Neuropsychologia 128, 270-275.

de Haan, E.H.F., Seijdel, N., Kentridge, R.W., & Heywood, C.A. (2020). Plasticity versus chronicity: stable performance on category fluency 40 years post-onset. Journal of Neuropsychology 14 (1), 20-27.

Dekkers, L.M.S., Seijdel, N., Weeda, W.D., Jansen, B.R.J., & Huizenga, H.M. Multi-Attribute risky decision making in a sequential context: four Drift Diffusion Model studies [in preparation]

Oosterholt, P., Seijdel, N., & Scholte, H.S. The influence of visual diet on object recognition in computer generated scenes [in preparation]